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Our Challenge Areas

For Cohort 2, SEEd.Lab has crafted challenges and problem statements which are reflections of real-world issues that exist within 4 domains:​

  • Education & Skill ​

  • Food & Agriculture ​

  • Health & Hygiene ​

  • Personal & Financial Security ​

We have zoomed in on areas of problem that could be explored further in fulfilling the mission of SEEd.Lab. ​

Find an area that resonates with you. If you have a Wildcard idea that does not fall into any of the domains, we want to hear them anyway! Submit your Wildcard idea via the Idea Submission Form.​

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Education & Skill

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Food & Agriculture

SEEd.Lab website_cohort 2 element-53.jpg

Health & Hygiene

SEEd.Lab website_cohort 2 element-54.jpg

Personal & Financial Security

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