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Who Drives SEEd.Lab?

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SEEd.Lab is a sustainable initiative, powered by PETRONAS and Tata Consultancy Services.


The programme is in support of PETRONAS' initiatives to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to create positive social impact for our communities.


Why is SEEd.Lab Doing This?

We want to empower changemakers, push boundaries, enrich lives and nurture possibilities together, for a better tomorrow.


What is SEEd.Lab's Mission?

SEEd.Lab is addressing social pain points in Malaysia by promoting self-sustaining enterprise that forge solutions for the communities. 

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How is SEEd.Lab Doing It?

SEEd.Lab is the first initiative of its kind in Malaysia that takes its participants (our SEEd.lings) through an end-to-end journey of a start-up's growth. For the next 12 to 18 months, the SEEd.lings will go through the Ideation, Incubation and Commercialisation stages in building their social enterprise. Once established, the SEEd.Lab programme will continue to support to ensure the solution is sustainable and scalable, with support from PETRONAS and TCS.

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A SEEd.ling's Journey

At the end of the 12 to 18 month journey, SEEd.lings would have successfully graduated from the programme and become proud founders of a social enterprise.​

Their ‘business-for-good’ enterprise would have secured an anchor customer, after rigorous prototyping and business modelling to help target beneficiaries and gain credibility. A forward-looking growth plan would be in place, to allow business advancement and full-scale commercialisation with clear impact drivers. ​


On top of this, SEEd.lings would have developed personally and professionally, all in all, enhancing their employability in the job market, by:

  • Gaining a deeper appreciation of social issues with higher empathy towards society​

  • Establishing connections and networks with like-minded individuals, potential beneficiaries, and ecosystem players​

  • Building a support system within the SEEd.Lab cohort​

  • Developing essential knowledge and skills in Design Thinking and Innovation​

  • Learning essential business acumen and entrepreneurship skills


What Sets Us Apart


We Lead From The Heart

With passion and desire, SEEd.Lab brings together people who are commited to providing remedies for social and community pain points through sustainable solutions.


We Inspire Solutions

Inspired by the framework established by Tata Consultancy Services in Nashik, India, SEEd.Lab facilitates the translation of ideas into innovative human-centric solutions that leverage on digital and technology.


We Encourage Curiosity

By providing an ecosystem of support, encompassing of SEEd.Lab’s Core Team and Tata Consultancy Services’ experts, SEEd.Lab encourages never-ending curiosity and a fearless attitude to unleash the imagination, resulting in human-centric sustainable business solutions.

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